• 3.5 inch TFT display, monitoring EtCO2, RR and SpO2, PR
  • Temperature, Pressure compensation system and Zero readjustment
  • Balance gas compensation minimizing influence against other gases
  • Lung pressure and temperature compensation (BTPS compensation)
  • Applicable for intubated or non-intubated patients
  • Graphic trend storage up to 24 hours
  • Data output to PC for review and analysis via USB cable
  • Integrated with wireless module compatible with Bluetooth printer



Non-dispersive InfraRed Spectroscopy

Range0mmHg~150mmHg or 0kPa~20kPa or 0~20% (v/v)
Update/Averaging TimeOption of every breath or 10, 20 or 30 seconds
Warm Up Time<20 seconds
Sample Flow Rate50ml/min~250ml/min User Adjustable. Default=100ml/min
Patient ModesAdult and Neonatal
Memory24 hours on Screen Trend and Numeric
Respiration Rate
Range3~150 breaths/minute
Accuracy±1% of reading or ±1 breaths/min whichever is greater
Memory24 hours on Screen Trend and Numeric
SpO2 (optional)
MethodPulse Oximetry
Accuracy±2% for SpO2 range from 70%~100%
±3% for SpO2 range from 50%~69%
Memory24 hours on Screen Trend and Numeric
Pulse Rate (optional)
Accuracy±2% for PR range from 30bpm~250bpm
Memory24 hours on Screen Trend and Numeric
AC Input100V~250V, 50Hz/60 Hz to 5VDC Adapter with
5V mini USB adapter Cable
Optional Vehicle 12V to 5V Mini USB Charger Lead
TypeBuilt-in rechargeable lithium battery pack ( 3.6V, 3000mAH )
Charging Time4 hours from flat
Operating Time10 hours on full charge