NeuPump 5F Duo

  • Dual-channels with different flow rate
  • Channel sleeping function
  • Automatically identify the syringe size
  • 3-level occlusion alarm setting
  • Limits setting
  • KVO flow rate 0.5ml/h
  • Operation error alert
  • Safe protection for pruge button
  • Visual and audio alarm
  • AC and DC power indication
  • Delivered volume record
  • Standard RS232 interface
  • 1000 history records
  • Automatically reduce impact of dose release after occlusion


Applicable syringes

All brands of standard syringes: 10ml, 20ml,30, 50ml

Flow rate

10ml: 0.1-400ml/h, 20ml: 0.1-600ml/h
30ml: 0.1-900ml/h, 50ml: 0.1-1500ml/h
Purge rate10ml syringe: 400ml/h, 20ml syringe: 600ml/h
30ml syringe: 900ml/h, 50ml syringe: 1500ml/h
AccuracyAccuracy including syringe: within ±2%
Mechanical accuracy: within ±1%
Display range of volume delivered0.1–9999 ml
(0.1–999.9 ml,0.1ml step)
(1000–9999 ml,1ml step)
Setting of deliver limit0.1–9999 ml
(0.1–999.9 ml,0.1ml step)
(1000–9999 ml,1ml step)
Occlusion detection pressure“H”: 800±200mmHg (106.7±26.7kPa) or 1.09±0.27kgf/cm2
“C”: 500±100mmHg (66.7±13.3kPa) or 0.68±0.13kgf/cm2
“L”: 300±100mmHg (40.7±13.3kPa) or 0.41±0.13kgf/cm2
PowerAc110~220V±10%, 50~60HZ±1HZ, inner NiMH battery: DC12V
Operation conditionsAmbinent temperature: 5 to 40, relative humidity: 20% to 80%
Storage conditionsAmbient temperature: -40 to 55, relative humidity: ≤95%
Electric shock protection/classClass I internal power supply: Type CF, continuous operation
Water proof levelIPX4
Weight3.45kg (with clamp base)
Dimension354mm (Width)×190mm (Height)×128mm (Depth)