NeuPump 5F

  • Automatically calibrate the syringe size
  • Automatically identify the syringe size
  • 3-level occlusion alarm setting
  • Automatically reduce impact of dose release after occlusion
  • Limits setting
  • Delivered volume record
  • KVO flow rate 0.5ml/h
  • High rate control
  • Safe protection for “purge” button
  • Button lock of flow rate setting
  • Visual and audio alarm
  • AC and DC power indication
  • Standard RS232 interface
  • 1000 history records


Setting range of flow rate

50mL syringe

0.1~1500mL/h; 0.1mL/h per step when rate is under 1000mL/h, and 1mL/h per step since 1000mL/h

30mL syringe

0.1~900.0mL/h; 0.1mL/h step
20mL syringe0.1~600.0mL/h; 0.1mL/h step
10mL syringe0.1~400.0mL/h; 0.1mL/h step
Accuracy of flow ratewithin ±2% (the accuracy of syringe should be within ±1%.)
Mechanical accuracywithin ±1%

Purge rate

50mL syringe1500mL/h
30mL syringe900.0mL/h
20mL syringe600.0mL/h
10mL syringe400.0mL/h
Display range of volume delivered
For 0.1~999.9mL, the display resolution is 0.1mL; and for those over 1000mL, it is 1mL.
Setting of delivery limit
0.1mL step when value is under 1000mL; and for those over 1000mL, it is 1mL step.

Occlusion detection pressure

High (H)800mmHg±200mmHg (106.7kPa±26.7kPa)
Center (C)500mmHg±100mmHg (66.7kPa±13.3kPa)
Low (L)300mmHg±100mmHg (40.7kPa±13.3kPa)
History Record
These serial products can maximally store 500 pieces of history records.
‘Occlusion’, ‘Nearly empty’, ‘Finish’, ‘Syringe dislocated’, ‘Plunger/Clutch disengaged’, ‘Battery low’, ‘Battery exhausted’, ‘Power cable disconnected’, ‘Flow rate over limit’, ‘Volume over limit’, ‘System error’, ‘Non-operation time over’, please refer to 2.5.9 for further details.

Power Supply

Power Voltage


Power frequency

(50~60) Hz±1Hz
Battery voltage

Rated DC.12V

Battery capacityA fully charged battery can support a channel working at the speed of 5mL/h for more than 6 hours.
Maximum power30VA
Operating methodintermittent load continuous operation


Working conditions

Temperature: +5~+40℃
Humidity: 20%~80%

Conditions for transportation and storage

Temperature: -20~+55℃
Humidity: ≤95%



Syringe pump



306mm (W) × 135mm (H) × 127mm (D)

ModelSingle channel