NeuCardio E6Pro

  • Lightin weight, efficient in Visit a patient at home
  • 8-inch high resolution TFT LCD with 15 degree elevation. Easy to observe
  • Full keyboard (silicon) with shortcut keys, efficient in operation
  • Alarming for lead off
  • 110mm thermal paper both roll paper and Z-fold
  • Lithium battery for 2.5h continuous working
  • SD card and USB disk
  • New Plarform and menu, Streamlined workflow, Good experience
  • can store by JPG, PDF, DICOM data





LeadStandard 12-lead
Acquisition ModeSimultaneous 12-lead Acquisition
Recording Format


Record ModeAuto, Manual, Cycle, Trigger
Lead Format3×4, 3×4+1R, 6×2, 6×2+1R, 12×1
Rhythm Time30~300s waveforms acquisition for rhythm analysis
FiltersAC Filter
Input CIR
Current Baseline Wander Filter
EMG Filter
≤0.1 μA
Input Impedance≥2.5 MΩ
Time Constant≥3.2 s
Frequency Response0.05 Hz~250 Hz
Noise Level≤15 μVp-p
Sensitivity Threshold≤20 μVp-p
SensitivityAuto, 2.5 mm/mV, 5 mm/mV, 10 mm/mV, 20 mm/mV, 10/5 mm/mV, 20/10 mm/mV
Standard Sensitivity10 mm/mV ± 2%
Calibration Voltage1 mV±5 %
CMRR>89 dB
Patient Leak Current<10 μA
Recorder Specification
RecorderThermal Dot Matrix Word Printing System
Recording Paper110 mm×140 mm, z-fold paper (6-channel)
Paper Speed(5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 25, 50)mm/s ± 5%
Other Specification
Acquisition ModuleStandard 12-lead acquisition module with defibrillation-proof
Display on LCD8-inch TFT LCD screen (6-channel)
Safety ClassificationIEC60601-1, Class I, Type CF
AC Power Supplyation IEC60601-1, Class I, Type CF
AC Power Supply 100 V~240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 80VA (3-channel)
100 V~240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz,80VA (6-channel)
DC Power SupplyRechargeable lithium battery, 14.8 V/ 2200mAh