• PCV, PS+ Apnea ventilation modes provide more flexibility to ventilation strategy, suitable for various patients operation including pediatric and adult
  • Advanced ventilation management, intelligent switch for key parameters in conversion process of ventilation mode
  • Support both low-flow anesthesia and min-flow anesthesia
  • Compact breathing circuit system, high temperature and high pressure sterilization doable
  • Electronic flow-meter, precise control and convenient operation
  • 12.1 inches TFT LCD color screen, highlighted display Options such as spotlight and auxiliary table offer more function support
  • CE marked, meets EU clinical requirement



Anesthesia gas supply module
Gas supplyO2, N2O, AIR; 280kPa – 600kPa
Cylinder yokes(option)O2, N2O, AIR
Fresh gas flow indicator typeElectronically controlled
Range of fresh gas flow indicatorsO2, N2O (0.05~10.0 l/min), AIR (0.05~12.0 l/min)
O2 flush25~75 min
AgentHalothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane
Installation modeSelectatec with interlock, optional standby vaporizer parking holder
Filling typePour Fill, Key Fill, Quik-Fil
Breathing system
Volume of CO2 absorber3.0 L
Ventilator operating specifications
VentilatorElectronically driven, pneumatically driven
Operating modes StandardManual/spontaneous, Volume control (IPPV), Pressure control (PCV), Pressure support (PS), Synchronized volume control with PS (SIMV/PS)
Control input ranges
Breathing frequency (rate)2~100 bpm
Positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP)OFF, 3~30 cm H2O
Inspiration/expiration ratio (Ti:Te)4:1~1:8
Tidal volume (Vt)20~1, 500 ml in volume control
Inspiration pauseOFF, 5%~60%
Inspiratory time0.2~5.0 s
Inspiratory pressure (Pinsp)5~70cm H2O
Pressure support level (PS)3~50 cm H2O
Trigger level1~15 l/min
Inspiratory rise time0~2s
Peak Gas Flow75 L/min
CompensationCompliance compensation, fresh gas compensation
Ventilator monitoring & alarm
MonitoringContinuous monitoring of inspiratory O2 concentration ,breathing frequency, tidal, volume , minute volume, peak airway pressure, PEEP, mean or plateau pressure, CO2Concentration(option), anesthesia agent, concentration(option)
Control screen12.1 inches; TFT color screen
Graph DisplayP-T, F-T&P-V, F-V loops (waveform save), wave of CO2, MV high/low limit, FiO2 high/low limit, Paw high/low limit, Power failure, Apnea alarm(60s) Alarm Silence(110s)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Trolley (with breathing circuit)1403mm×704mm×750mm or 55.2inches×27.7inches×29.5inches
Weight and load
Trolley (without vaporizer and backup cylinder)100kg or 220.5 lb
Top panel load25kg or 55 lb
Power and battery backup
Power input100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Batteries operation time after fully chargedDC24V, 2.3Ah, Min.120 minutes
Environmental requirement
Operation temperature10~+40℃ or 50~104℉
Operation humidity≤80%(non-condensing)
Storage temperature-20~+55℃ or -4~131℉
Storage humidity≤93%(non-condensing)