• PCV and SIMV+PS modes ensure flexibility in ventilation, machine doable for both pediatric and adult
  • Optional functions monitoring O2, CO2 ,and anesthetic gas
  • Flowmeter provides minimum 25% concentration of oxygen in O2 /N2O mixture
  • Absorb system sterilized with high temperature and high pressure
  • Enhance usability with auxiliary oxygen, suction, auxiliary power source, monitor arm, infusion pump etc.



Physical & Environment Specifications
Dimensions (W×H×D)712mm × 1400mm × 780mm
Weight115kg (including trolley base and 2 vaporizers, without cylinder)
Operation Humidity≤80% (noncondensing)
Storage Temperature-20~+55°C
Storage Humidity≤93% (noncondensing)
Operation Temperature+10~+40°C
Electrical Specifications
Battery24V 5Ah, minimum 120 min
Mains100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Pneumatic Specifications
FlowmetersO2 Range: 0-1L/min; 1-10L/min
N2O Range0-1L/min; 1-10L/min
Air Range0-1L/min; 1-10L/min
Auxiliary ORange0 -15 L/min
Gas SystemFlowmeter backlight
Low Osignal
N2O-cut-off system
Gas SupplyAir,O2,N2O; 280kPa – 600kPa
Breathing System Specifications
Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Canister2 Loose fill(3L) or 2 prepacks
APL RangeSpontaneous breathing (SP) -70 cmH2O
MaterialAutoclavable (except flow sensors and mechanical pressure meter)
Operational ModesClosed, Semi-closed, Semi-open
Ventilator Specifications
Patient TypesAdult & pediatric
Ventilation ModesIPPV, PCV, SIMV, PS, and Manual
Setting ModesTouch key & navigator wheel knob
Tidal Volume20-1500ml
Ventilation Frequency4-100bmp
I:E Ratio4:1-1:8
Pressure (inspired) Range5-70cmH2O
Pressure (support) Range3- 50cmH2O
Ppeepoff, 3-30 cmH2O
Inspiratory Plateauoff, 5%-60%
Trigger Sensitivity1-15L/min
Peak Gas Flow75 L/min
CompensationCompliance compensation, fresh gas compensation
Driven ModesPneumatically driven and electronically driven