NewTech deliver value-focused supports for our global distributors to meet specific business and medical requirements. We provide benefits that assist you in maximizing your success. We help you achieve the clinical and financial results you need to gain a competitive advantage in your market.

NewTech distributors and dealers are our strategic business partners. Our products have benefited tens of thousands of people all over the world, through the service and support from those business partners. NewTech has over 100 qualified distributors covering more than 50 countries specializing in sales, marketing and service in their respective local areas.


Today’s clinical processes largely depend on sophisticated medical systems and networks demanding prompt, competent, and reliable service support. NewTech delivers value-focused support for your specific business and medical requirements. And we all share a common concern – to improve quality, manage costs and enhance performance.

Quick Response

Giving a reply within 24 hours is our promise. NewTech Customer Service Teams are on hand to reply to you quickly and accurately, and to deliver benefits that help maximize your success.

Training Program

NewTech Medical recognizes your need to increase your confidence and efficiency when using our devices. We offer various programs to help you achieve this result, from basic operation training to comprehensive technical knowledge support. We offer a choice of training programs, allowing you to choose the solution that meets your departmental and clinical needs. We can also provide a Certificate as our evidence of successful training.

Please download Training Certificate for your reference.

If you have any questions or need any more support, please feel free to contact our service department at service@newtech-medical.com .

NewTech is always welcoming new members to join our exciting distributor network. If you would like more information about NewTech, or would like to become a NewTech distributor covering your local area, please feel free to contact us.