A career at NewTech

NewTech Culture & Work Environment

At NewTech people sincerely care about their work, we hold a passion for the products and services we offer. There is a sense of excitement in all that we do, and a number of employee programs and policies are in place to make those who work for NewTech feel valued and appreciated. We offer a stimulating, challenging and highly supportive work environment, which makes for happy, motivated employees.

Work/Life Balance

We know that today’s employees look for employers that are compassionate and understanding to their personal quest for balance between work and life. Not only do we firmly believe that this balance is absolutely necessary for an individual’s physical and mental health, studies have shown that a more balanced employee means a more productive employee. NewTech has a number of family-friendly policies and programs in place to help its workers achieve this balance between the work place and outside life. Our vacation, and health care policies, as well as our yearly sports competition are all reflective of our serious commitment to the employee work-life balance.

Recognizing Success

Some companies merely pay lip service to this aspect of the work environment, but at NewTech we go above and beyond to recognize and encourage employee successes. At NewTech, we put a lot of emphasis and thought into our recognition awards, which reward employee loyalty, and performance.