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Integrated anaesthetic machine with proven design concept

NewTech Medical innovations in anesthesia technology offer enhanced integration, digital precision and leading-edge ventilation modes are comparable to today's ICU capabilities.  

NewTech anaesthetic machine offers a price-performance ratio that helps reduce total cost of ownership while expanding therapy capabilities. We combine a proven design concept with state-of-the-art technology, and produce a workflow-oriented platform equipped to meet evolving clinical demands.


Anaesthetic Machine 

7200A 7400A
7500A AM52
AM55 AM53
Solace A1 Solace A3
Solace A7 Solace A5plus/A5
Solace A7plus VP300


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The anaesthetic machine (or anesthesia machine in America) is used by anaesthetists to support the administration of anaesthesia. The most common type of anaesthetic machine in use in the developed world is the continuous-flow anaesthetic machine, which is designed to provide an accurate and continuous supply of medical gases ...
The Anesthesia Gas Machine is a large, current, full-text, illustrated, comprehensive treatment of all aspects, from the University of Detroit Mercy. Last revised Jun 2004. It covers gas supply, the internal pneumatics and other processing, delivery to the patient (circuits, ventilators), disposal (scavenging systems), an extensive section on the gas...
Anaesthetic Technicians are healthcare workers employed in the New Zealand health service. Anaesthetic Technicians are mainly employed by Anaesthetic Departments or Operating theatre Suites, but can be found in other areas of clinical practice including Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units...

The ventilation goals for controlled ventilation during anaesthesia are to:

  • sustain and/or improve gas exchange
  • prevent or reverse atelectasis,

and where the patient is not completely paralysed to:

  • enhance coordination between ventilatory assistance and any respiratory efforts which the patient may make.
Lack of understanding of the rationale for the individual tests in an anesthesia machine pre-use check may contribute to its incorrect execution or total omission. Failure to properly check the anesthesia machine continues to be a recurring problem. It is also one of the predisposing factors to critical incidents that may be most preventable ...
With the aging of the population and the increasing numbers of elderly people, comorbidities have a significant impact on anaesthesia. The most important comorbidity in our elderly patients is coronary artery disease, which is responsible for one third of all perioperative complications and every second perioperative death. In ...
Desiccated CO2 absorbents can degrade volatile anaesthetics into carbon monoxide within anaesthetic breathing circuits1, which may lead to severe carbon monoxide toxicity intraoperatively2. Water is also essential for CO2 absorption. We evaluated the capacity of fully and partially desiccated soda lime to absorb CO2...
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